Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Judge appointed by Harper Conservatives has knuckles rapped

Robert A. Dewar, a donor to the Conservative party in 2008 and appointed to the bench in 2009, will not be hearing any cases of a sexual nature while his handling of a recent case is reviewed.  If you missed it Judge Dewar let a man convicted of rape off with a conditional sentence, meaning he is free to walk the streets. 

Why the leniency?  

Because the woman gave off signals apparently and she was dressed provocatively.  If you attend a fundamentalist type church I'm thinking the victim here would probably be called a Jezebel. 

You can read more HERE.

Why the Conservatives would appoint a man with basically no experience in criminal law to the bench is beyond me, I know he donated to the CPC but still....hello,common  sense.  Give him some other patronage job Stephen. 

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