Monday, March 14, 2011

Why did Harper come back? Not for me

Dare I suggest that Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff and Conservative king pin Stephen Harper have something in common?  They do.

Both can be cast in the role of 'prodigal son' for their respective parties.  Michael went abroad and became famous for his writing, political insight and intellect.  He came back to the only country where he could put his ideals and beliefs to work in the political arena, his home and native land...Canada.

Stephen's journey didn't take him quite as far.  He was an MP in Preston Manning's Reform party before leaving electoral politics in 1997.   Like Michael though, he didn't abandon politics.  But he did stay closer to home leading the National Citizens Coalition.  The NCC is a Libertarian group that argues for less government involvement, it was created to combat Canada's move to provide government run Health Care.

So, both Stephen Harper and Micahel Ignatieff left and came back.  Stephen just didn't travel as far or do as much. 

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