Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Japan doubles evacuation zone - Should Canadians be worried?

Just read on a UK site that Japan's PM had increased the evacuation radius from 10 to 20 km around the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.  LINKED STORY WITH VIDEO

Meanwhile here in Canada iodine supplements are flying off the shelves despite assurances from Prime Minister Harper that all is well.  CTV STORY HERE

I must admit to thinking about writing something about this that would cast the Harper regime in a negative light.  Such is life when you live in a country ruled by a guy who rarely misses an opportunity to take swipes at his opponents, never worrying about the truth or about stooping too low.

But I'll hold back.

What I do worry about is the accuracy of news emanating from governments worried about panic.  We all know about the alarm the swine flu caused, with line ups and shortages of the vaccine.  But in the end it just made some pharmaceutical companies a lot of money. 

The news then was to be worried, now the message is 'relax'.  At times like this my natural contrarian 'swim against the stream' instincts take over. 

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