Friday, March 18, 2011

Accumulated deficit to hit all time high. Another Harper Regime achievement

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All the gains made by previous governments have been wiped out by Harper's Conservatives.  Eleven years of paying down the debt all down the drain.

Don't feel too bad though, profitable businesses like banks, oil and gas companies are saving lots of money thanks to generous tax cuts.  And if Harper's government survives they'll be paying even less, with lower rates here than in the U.S.

Never mind that Canada has programs like health care which save corporations money.  Sure they don't have to insure their employees in Canada like they do when operating in the United States, but its not like we're paying more in personal income taxes.  With the constant threat of defeat there's no way Stephen jacks personal tax rates, he's the tax cutting guy....he'll just keep borrowing the money.   Eventually some employers will have to start paying for Canuck HMOs and other insurance plans when our government can no longer afford to fund medical care, but that's years from now.

And here's another positive, think of all the $$$ to be made by private enterprise when government gets out of the medical profession. Instead of keeping costs down as governments try to do, the profit motive will mean massive revenue and an incredible bottom line for a private health care industry.

And with Harper in charge all those profits will be taxed at incredibly low rates.  Let wage earners worry about taxes, they're gonna have to work hard paying interest on all that accumulated debt, and won't have time to realize they're getting screwed over. 

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