Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Harper Regime in contempt and doesn't care. Do Canadians?

Canadians gave the Harper Regime a minority mandate to rule back in 2008.  The only word in that sentence that seems to resonate with Stephen Harper's government is "rule".  That's what he and his cadre are doing, ruling.  Democracy is all well and good, we get to vote every now and again.  But when Harper's gang gets the most seats with around 35% of the  popular vote, it seems democratic values get shelved until the next election.

The government  says it wants to build massive U.S. style 'Super Jails'. Hrrrrrrm, interesting in a climate of declining crime rates, especially when  the government is bleeding red ink.  Care to tell us how much this is going to cost?


I guess his eminence doesn't feel Canadian voters, or our elected representatives need to know.  Not the message we heard from Stephen on the campaign trail, all those nice things about openness and accessibility were just more rhetoric.   Those who follow Harper closely are used to him talking out of both sides of his mouth though.  One side is for the campaign when he wants our votes, the opposite side is for when he is actually serving as Prime Minister.  

Democracy on the stump.  Autocracy on the Ottawa bump.  Guess he thinks we're all just one big chump. 

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