Friday, January 14, 2022

Will Canada's new vaccine mandate for cross border truckers lead to food shortages?

If you haven't heard the on, off and on again news about regulations for cross border truckers, here is my understanding of it.  

Starting this coming Saturday January 15th an American citizen driving a truck into Canada will be barred from entering unless they're fully jabbed with Covid-19 injections authorized by Health Canada.  Canadian truckers who are unjabbed will still be allowed in, but they will be subject to mandatory quarantine.  

This new progrom had been announced back in mid-November by the Trudeau Liberals, but on Wednesday Jan 12th the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) had announced it was being shelved, at least temporarily.  Then one day later news came out that the CBSA was "in error" and that the new prohibitions were in fact going forward as originally planned.  

What does this mean for trucking, an industry that was already suffering from a shortage of drivers due to high rates of infection?  It will mean even less drivers to bring in goods from the United States.  Canada is estimated to have somewhere around 8,000 to as many as 16,000 truckers who will be affected according to a CP24 news story:

According to another article in Forbes 75% of cross border trucking into Canada is handled by Canadian drivers.  It's further reported that over 35% of American Truckers may be prepared to quit rather than be forced to take the jabs, and it's said America has a shortage of 80,000 truck drivers already.  

This is a mess....

It wasn't supposed to be this way.  If "the science" had been right the vaccines were going to be our ticket back to normal. That was the line we were fed in order to encourage people to roll up their sleeves.  And the reason was simple, it's because that is what vaccines are supposed to do, they're supposed to STOP infection.  

Okay, maybe not 100% of the time, even with Polio and MMR shots there are very rare breakthrough infections, emphasis on the word very.  Most people don't know of one single person innoculated against polio or measels who've gotten infected with the viruses that cause those diseases.  But with these covid shots everyone now knows people who were supposed to be immunized who've become infected, I myself know around a dozen.  

If you missed that messaging here's a CNBC talking head giving voice to what all the health officials, politicians and media types were telling us when the shots started rolling out:  

Everyone paying attention now knows that, with the Covid shots, breakthrough infections are anything but rare.  In point of fact they've become so normal they're expected.  Just in Ontario over the first seven days of 2022 there were over 77,000 breakthrough infections in people who were thought to have been fully vaccinated.  Vaccines by defintion are supposed to produce immunity the vast majority of the time, instead Canada is seeing 10,000+ breakthrough cases every single day now.  
How anyone is allowed to refer to these covid shots as "highly effective vaccines" is quite frankly beyond my ability to comprehend.  If we applied this standard to boats then these shots are the Titanics of the pharmaceutical industry.  If these covid shots can be compared to highly effective vaccines like the MMR and Polio innoculations then my golf game can be compared to a legend like Tiger Woods.  

But leaving aside the fact that these vaccines are totally useless....What is going to happen to Canada's supply chain now?  I don't have a crystal ball, but I can guess.  With so many people already infected with the virus and unable to work that store shelves already have plenty of gaps, I can certainly see things getting worse.  

Look what happened with toilet paper back at the start of this insanity.  People started seeing supplies of TP running low and they started loading up.  I don't think you need an advanced degree in human psychology to see the same thing happening with food when shelves start getting sparser and sparser.  People are going to start stock piling and this is going to snowball, that's the inescapable conclusion I have drawn.  

If racoons get into your attic you don't burn the house down.  It's not an ideal comparison because with racoons there are alternative ways to deal with the problem.  With covid we've tried stay at home lockdown measures, masks and now vaccines and everything has failed.  We've emptied the bullets in our gun and covid is still out there, worse than when nobody was vaccinated.  

So what are we doing?  We're turning the gun on ourselves and inviting an even worse situtaion.  

And it's not just food, the supply chain is our life blood, Canada has a significant trade deficit with the United States.  We imported $12.5 billion more in goods from the US than we imported in 2016. Think of remote northern communities and reserves, some of which can only be accessed by air.  Besides food they need medicines, endless list of items that are vital to a community's survival and well being.  

Common sense would dictate that things be left status quo until an effective vaccine is developed.  But this has never been about common sense.  This has always been about tearing down the old economic systems and replacing it with a form of socialism/communism which is being sold as "stakeholder captialism".  The problem is that most of the population won't be stakeholders in what is planned with this Great Reset agenda.  The true stakeholders are 'buiding back better' for them not for the great unwashed, we're the problem in their eyes.

Prepare my friends, I hope I'm wrong but things are not going to better in 2022 than they were in 2021 or 2020, in my opinion they're going to get far worse.  That is the plan.   

If you're interested in hearing what the author of this miserable and pathetic little blog looks and sounds like, here's a video I just did on my youtube channel.  

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Sunday January 9th 2021 at 11AM - Come and worship in Brighton Ontario's Proctor Park

For much of 2021 I was travelling wherever there was a church gathering.  I went to Aylmer several times as well as Waterloo, Napanee, Oshawa and downtown Toronto.  Indoors or outdoors, it made no difference, church isn't a building, it's the assembly of people gathered to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.  

In my little corner of Ontario the churches have too often been closed, frequently opting to conduct worship via on-line streaming.  For me on-line church doesn't work, it's like trying to warm yourself by turning on that fireplace TV channel during the Christmas season, there's no heat.  It has been on my heart for a long time now to put myself out there, that if nobody in this area is willing to lead a worship service, that I should try and do it myself.

This is something that is out of my comfort zone, I'm far more at ease being part of worship, not in leading a service.  I haven't been to seminary or Bible college or anything, but I am in 'The Word' daily and in prayer.  Those who read scripture will know of course, that God often calls on people to leave their comfort zones.  Moses didn't feel equipped to deliver the Hebrew slaves out of bondage in Egypt, Jonah tried to run from delivering a warning to Nineveh.  Compared to those epic Biblical stories leading a worshp service in a park in small town Eastern Ontario is I'm going to do it and leave the results up to God.

I don't know how many people will come, I think it'll be at least 6 or 7, but it might be more.  Word is getting out and I am getting some positive feedback, including from an associate pastor friend.  As the subject line says, it will be at 11AM on Sunday January 9th in Brighton's Proctor Park.  We'll have singing, fellowship and God's word.  

The message will be that in God's eyes we are all essential.,-77.7418463,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x51972d107919a44e!8m2!3d44.0459548!4d-77.7418463

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Ontario small businesses targetted for destruction by the Ford's time to fight back

Ontario restaurants, gyms, fitness centres and select other privately owned small businesses are once again in the cross hairs of Ontario's Doug Ford government.  After selling the useless vaccines as "our ticket back to normal" it's obvious it's Covid business as Covid normal, with the entrepeneural sector slated for extermination.

Remember Adam Skelly from 2020?  Maybe you didn't like his style, perhaps you think he was disregarding public health.  Adam and many others simply understood what is going on for what it truly is and he fought back.  If enough others had joined in then this wouldn't be happening now.  But that ship has sailed, it is what it is and where are where we are.

Business owners need to band together and organize massive non-compliance.  It doesn't have to be one hundred percent, but it can't be a small minority either.  You're either going to hang together or you're all going to be hanging separately from the scaffold of bankruptcy.  Get active on social media, there is an army of people just waiting to support you.

And drop enforcing the ridiculous vaxx pass, it never had anything to do with public health.  The damn vaccines don't even work.  If the vaccines did work then the government wouldn't have an excuse to try and drive you into poverty.  If Ford and his thugs want to enforce the vaxx pass nonsense, make them hire their own gestapo officers to enforce it. 

It's getting late in the game, and most will keep retreating until their back is against the wall.  Maybe you have a few more rearward steps you can take, but if that wall isn't already touching your spine it's close, and the authorities are going to keep on pushing.  


Sunday, December 19, 2021

Covid is about to become very real, the vaccines not only failed but have made things worse expert says...

This is our ticket back to normal.  

Everyone remembers the messaging of government health officials, politicians and media.  Once we got to 70-80% of the eligible population vaccinated the pandemic would be ending.  We all understood the concept, with most of the population immune to Covid the virus would not be able to find enough susceptible hosts to infect and would eventually peter out to background noise.  It might even disappear completely.  

That was before Omicron emerged, this new highly transmissible variant that is defeating vaccine induced immunity.  Now in Ontario it is the vaccinated who are reponsible for about two thirds of the daily infections being reported.  Out of a total of 3,301 infections reported for Saturday 2,338 of the cases were in people thought to have been fully vaccinated, that's 70%.  

Please take note, I'm using the old pre-covid defintion of vaccination.  Vaccines used to mean something that produced immunity.  Now of course we're told that vaccines aren't supposed to vaccinate, that they're only supposed to reduce symptoms and make diseases less severe.  

So basically these vaccines should more accurately be defined as therapeutics.  But it would be difficult to label people "anti-therapeuticers".  That doesn't have the same sting as "anti-vaxxer", a slur that's been around for a few decades and congers up notions of someone opposed to science. 

Covid is a health issue, but the science has become inseparable from the politics.  It is now mostly a political issue, not a scientific one.  Scientifically the vaccines failed, but in politics admitting failure is verboten, so nobody is going to admit that simple and obvious reality.  These are the non-vaccinating vaccinations, the immunizations that don't immunize.  

Public Heatlh officials have lost the room

Early on there was wide spread buy in to the emergency health measures, most of the population in countries like Canada were on board.  Not everyone, but likely over 80%.  Those worried about the damage of forcing some people into poverty, of having the abused shelter in place with their abusers, of the toll on mental health and all the other damage being done were in the minority, they were yahoos and Covidiots.  

Now after nearly two years the ranks of the covidiots have swelled, a lot more people are fed up and are done with it.  No more destroying the lives of children and damaging their mental health, no more keeping families apart.  We were promised a return to normal and that's what we want.  

If the vaccines failed, meh.  So what?  Much of the populaiton only took the needles to get back to the way things used to be, not because they were afraid of covid.  

And besides, this Omicron variant is being likened to the common cold, people are describing it as the sniffles.  It's the Christmas holiday season, and after many avoided gathering with friends and family last year, a lot of people aren't willing to give up another one.  Around 300,000 people die in Canada every year, (with or without Covid) and that means that for 300,000 Canadians this will be their last Christmas on earth.  It's the last chance to get together with "dear old unlce Joe".   

Omincron Schromnicron.....many are going to ignore the advice and mandates and people are going to gather.  

But what if public health officials are right?  Yes, currently and according to all the experts and all the reporting this Omicron variant is very mild.  But the concern is that, as it's passed around...that it will become more virulent, more severe, and more deadly.  The problem is though, as noted....public health officials and the media have spent so much time driving fear, that a lot of people are tuning them out now.  The authorities are seen as chicken littles, as the boy who kept crying wolf.

The expert who predicted a variant like Omicron has a warning

While public health officials were saying that mass vaccination was our ticket back to normal, one of the world's leading experts on vaccines was warning about exactly what is now happening.  In a letter to the WHO this virologist and vaccinoligist who held senior roles in vaccine development with GSK and Novartis said that the mass vaccination would invite mutations that would lead to a variant that would defeat any vaccine induced immunity.  

Which is of course exactly what has happened, the variant that was named Omicron was predicted.  This gentleman is not an "anti-vaxxer" obviously. On top of his senior roles with GSK and Novartis he's also held leadership roles with The Global Alliance on Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) and with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Calling him an anti-vaxxer would be like calling Henry Ford anti-automobile.

Now he's not disagreeing with public health officials about what is coming, now he's pretty much in lockstep with them, differing only on what casued it.  He is saying that as this vaccine resistant variant gets passed around that there will be more mutations and newer variants that will emerge, variants that will lead to more severe illness and more deaths.  

Unlike public health officials he speaks glowingly about natural or innate immunity, describing the human immune system as incredibly strong and robust most of the time.  And he futher contends that the vaccines will have supressed the natural immune response, leaving those who've been vaccinated as more prone to serious covid and not less.

Earlier publications and videos he's done have been heavily censored and labelled as misinformation, or simply as outright false.  But as so often happens, the fact checkers have been proven wrong again, if not there wouldn't be this Omicron variant circulating around.

Maybe this time he'll be wrong and Omicron won't evolve into something more dangerous.  But if he's right again we will be in for some hard times going forward.  They haven't taken down his most recent video, but then the goal of getting needles into arms has largely been achieved, so perhaps the tech companies are less concerned now. 

Here it is: