Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sporting arenas or prisons costing billions? Tough choice...

Alrightee, on the one hand the Harper Regime is proposing that Canada needs new American style super jails because there's too much unreported crime in the land.  Which makes perfect sense in the Conservative Bizarro world I guess.

And then you have Ignatieff saying that a Liberal government would provide some funding for a proposed new Colisée sports arena for the city of Québec. 

Now, obviously we can't really afford either.  Not with the current government having piled on so much debt recently, with no end in sight.  But....if its a choice between the two, well then I'll go with Ignatieff's it the Iggy-Loo.

I've been to la ville de Québec many times, 5 visits to Winter Carnival alone...and I love the place, so maybe I'm biased.  I'd been in the old Colisée to watch a pee-wee hockey tournament and to see Guy Lafleur during his last season in the NHL.

Never been to a prison though, and if its for criminals whose crimes aren't being reported...not gonna be a real busy place I'm guessing. 

Is Ignatieff playing politics here?  Sure, the Conservatives have ten seats at stake in the Québec City area, and the Liberal leader just gave voters there something serious to consider.  Quebecers pay taxes too and I'm betting they'd prefer an arena over a prison any day. 

Harper may still be up in the polls, but I'm thinking he might want to prorogue parliament again and hope Canadians go back to sleep. 

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