Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Stephen Harper against drugs or on drugs?

Sucking and blowing, saying one thing and then doing another.  If this were an Olympic event Stephen Harper would be a strong contender for gold. 

Against taxing income trusts then taxing them, against stacking the senate then cramming it full, against deficits then running up the biggest ever, against soft sentencing then appointing a judge who let's a rapist walk the street. 

Harper's rhetoric is good, but its only rhetoric...intended to win the support of Canadian voters, and then its discarded.

We have a huge structural deficit created by a government that spends too much and taxes too little.  Now they want to impose mandatory jail terms on people growing as few as 6 pot plants.  And what will it cost the taxpayer to house,clothe, feed and care for those incarcerated under this new initiative?  More to follow.

But its all about protecting Canadians right? I gotta call BS here.

If the Conservative really want to put a dent in drug use, then the only logical thing to do is jail users...not those providing the supply. How do I reach this simple conclusion?  Its called know, supply and demand.

Choking supply by jailing penny ante growers will only make the growing of pot a more lucrative option, and when mucho bucks are at stake there will be criminals who will gladly take on any added risks for the increased rewards.  Higher costs mean higher prices and that means more crime by those users unable to afford the increased price of a dime bag. 

Of course jailing druggies would cost even more and I have little doubt that some privileged little Tory offspring would end up rattling their prison bars with a tin cup, so you know it ain't gonna happen.

The common sense approach?  Find another wedge issue Stephen, cause this one is just stupid.  Tossing a recreational pot smoker in jail for growing a few plants will do nothing to protect Canadians and will only hurt in the long run as scant government resources are wasted on a dumb ideological agenda.

That's what this is all about anyway, ideology over common sense.  Let's hope common sense prevails. 

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