Saturday, March 19, 2011

Conservative reaction to Iggy's ad? Your Daddy ain't so hot!!!

I was going to leave this alone, there's plenty of bandwidth already being used up either touting or trashing the latest Liberal ads about Michael Ignatieff's Canadian experience.  But I just had to wade in.

One good example of Tory reaction comes from Dean Skoreyko, author of Conservative blog  'BC Blue'.  He says of the Liberal Leader:  Iggy telling tall tales about his family background.  Okay, so what is it that Dean is taking exception to?

That Ignatieff's family came over in a boat? Yo, Dean bud.  In the early part of the twentieth century, everyone crossed the Atlantic by boat.  Air Canada wasn't around yet.

That the Ignatieffs came to this country with nothing as  refugees and that Michael's father lived the immigrant dream, climbing the ladder one rung at a time?  Deanster, do some reading....CLICK HERE FOR A PRIMER...Michael Ignatieff's father was put in prison after the Russian revolution.  After a negotiated release he fled with his family to France and then to Canada....BY BOAT.

I realize Harper hasn't got quite the same narrative, I mean how many people would be inspired by Stephen Harper telling Canadians:  "My father was an accountant with Imperial Oil"?

In politics as in many arenas, you play to your strengths.  Iganatieff has led a compelling life, and with all the smear and low ball attacks its nice to see a classy response.   Harper loves to call himself an economist based on his education, regardless of the fact that he's never worked as one.

If the Conservatives would talk about policy instead of slinging mud all the time, maybe we could have a mature discussion centred around the issues. 

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