Friday, March 18, 2011

Jason Kenney proposes new patronage....errr, regulatory body

Gotta love twitter.  Jason Kenney just tweeted that he's proposing a new regulatory body for  overseeing immigration consultants. 

It would be called, "The Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council".  If that's too hard to handle the Harper government office of official acronyms (HGOOA) calls it the ICCRC for short.

I hear some wondering:  "What???  We don't regulate immigration consultants"???

Uhm, well...yes.  Immigration consultants are currently regulated by the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, that's the CSIC for those keeping up with HGOOA terms.  

Doesn't this just make you feel like putting on a warm fuzzy blue sweater? I'm thinking there are probably some loyal Conservative Party donors who are just salivating at the possibility of landing this gig.  And given recent revelations about a top Harper advisor, past crimes and misdemeanors are likely not a barrier.  

Should be lots of excited Conservative party members, especially those passed over when the Harper Government (formerly the Government of Canada) was stuffing the Senate.


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