Friday, April 1, 2011

Why do guys like Gaddafi and Harper fear coalitions

There are two men on this planet who seem joined at some level of consciousness, and it all centres on coalitions.  Both Stephen Harper and Muammar Gaddafir hate them. 

But why?

Coalition by definition means an alliance of distinct parties, persons or states for joint action.  Hrrrrrm, sounds an awful lot like cooperation to me, no wonder Harper hates the concept as much as Gaddafi.  In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Harper would prefer to lead Canada in the same fashion as Libya has been ruled.

Democracy is okay, it sounds good...but not if it means Stephen has to play nice and live up to the ideals he campaigns on, being a dictator seems much more his style.  His kindred spirit in North Africa is having some success in beating back the forces that oppose him.  But I'm one blogger who is hoping that both coalitions prevail.

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