Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things Stephen Harper told us...

Stephen Harper talks a good game, I'll certainly give him that.  And the game he's talking now is about doom and gloom should Canadian voters decide to elect a sizable number of Jack Layton's NDP to our Parliament. 

Fair enough Mr. Prime Minister, but before Canadians take you at your word it might be useful to look back at other things you've told us and how they worked it a liability check.

-Harper told Canadians we'd have a government that was more open and more accessible when he became Prime Minister.  Then he shut down parliament and closed our democracy...twice, hiding behind the Queen.

-Harper said a Conservative government would put an end to wasteful spending.  His government then gave Canadians a fake lake costing $2 million.

-Harper promised to get tough on crime.  Then the Harper government appointed Manitoba judge Robert Dewar who let a convicted rapist off with a suspended sentence and no jail time.

-Harper promised he would protect the nest eggs of senior citizens by imposing no new taxes on income trusts.  And guessed right, he taxed them.

-Harper said his government would provide sound fiscal management and would not go into deficit.  Our PM then took an annual surplus of around $15 billion and handed us the biggest annual deficit in Canadian history, all in less than 5 years.

-Harper said he'd stop the practice of stuffing the Senate with patronage appointments....and then set the single day record for appointments to our red chamber.

Harper tells of lots of thing, too many of which turn out to be nothing more than hot air.  Now we're being told that electing a sizable number of Jack Layton's NDP members will spell disaster.  It will mean men marrying men, woman marrying woman and abortion no longer a criminal offence...Oops, things are already disastrous for Harper and many of his supporters.

Take anything Stephen Harper says with a massive grain of salt, especially during an election campaign.

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