Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Harper disrespects Israel, thinks Jewish state undemocratic and reckless

Everyone now knows Stephen Harper's opinion of coalition governments.  They're reckless and undemocratic, at least they are opposed to when he was looking to head one in an effort to topple the Liberal government of Paul Martin.

But hey, opinions change.  Lord knows Harper views can turn on a dime depending on the direction of the political winds. Stuffing the Senate is bad, no wait its good.  Deficits will never happen, until they do.  Open and accountable government is only to be talked about in opposition then totally ignored when in power.

Right now though, in this election campaign, Harper is telling Canadians that coalition governments are not to be trusted, they're not only reckless, they're also undemocratic.

Damn, and here we thought our Prime Minister was a supporter of Israel.  It seems we  were wrong.

Israel you see is ruled by something Harper considers to be a great evil, a - GASP - coalition.  In fact Prime Minister Netanyahu's Likud party has less seats than rival party Kadima.  The horror, bring our ambassador home right now and impose sanctions.

Some might suggest I'm being disingenious here. 

Bite me. 

I'm merely following basic Conservative logic and its too bad if Harper and some Tories don't like it, we all know how they love to dish it out but whine and moan when its tossed back their way.

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