Thursday, April 21, 2011

Brad Trost - The real face of the Conservative party

Stephen Harper's reputation of ruling his party with an iron fist is well earned.  Ask the likes of Garth Turner or Helen Guergis, both booted from the  Conservative party.  Garth was shown the door it seems for being too open and too accessible, keeping his constituents engaged through a, (heaven forbid) blog.  Guergis was smeared by the Prime Minister's office over unsubstantiated and unproven allegations.  No room in the CPC for men and women like these. 

So...should Brad Trost be worried?  Don't hold your breath.

I wrote about Brad Trost back in July of 2009:

Brad Trost was all excited back then because the Tories had just cancelled funding for Montreal's GLBT festival.  The Tories were tossing millions around the country for all manner of festivals and tourist centred events back in the early days of the financial crisis.  This was even before they wasted tax payer dollars on a fake lake.

Well Mr. Trost is back again, this time bragging about Planned Parenthood being denied government funding after years of receiving it.  STORY HERE

Will Stephen Harper kick Brad out of caucus?  I won't hold my breath, I think there's plenty of room in the CPC for homophobes and for those who are against a woman's right to choose.  The PM might yet prove me wrong, but I'm guessing he realizes that guys like Mr. Trost serve a valuable function, keeping the base happy. 

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