Monday, April 25, 2011

Michael Ignatieff - What do Canadians think? Make up your own mind

I have a certain degree of empathy for the leader of Canada's Liberal party.  He came home to Canada after an incredibly successful career internationally as an academic, writer and broadcaster, that's simply a matter of record.  But before he even had a chance to introduce himself to his fellow citizens, he was smeared left right and centre.

He didn't come back for us.  He's just in it for himself. 

We've all heard the ads.

In disucssions I've had with people over the course of the past several months I've heard those themes parrotted by many when the name Ignatieff comes up.  People like to appear informed, like they're up on the issues and the personalities of our political leaders. 

But I have to wonder.  Are attack ads and smear the sum total of Canadians' knowledge of Michael Ignatieff?  I'd hope not, but sometimes I put too much faith in people. 

My father spent about 10 years working in the United States...yet I consider him a passionate Canadian, I'd say that of my entire family regardless of the fact that we lived many years in places like New York, New Jersey and Oregon.

If you haven't yet taken a hard look at Michael Ignatieff and are still mulling over who to vote for on May 2nd, then I urge you to take just 30 minutes to watch this video.  That's less time than it takes to watch an airing of American Idol. 

Perhaps you'll like what you see, perhaps not.  But our democracy works best when voters attempt to make an informed choice based on their own opinions, rather than those of paid mouth pieces and political hacks. 

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