Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Suffering election burn out? You're not alone...

Thank heavens a Canadian election only lasts a few weeks.  I'm a political junkie, but despite that even I'm suffering fatigue.  Pity our poor American friends who have to endure months of campaigning before electing Presidents and members of Congress.   

I am convinced of one thing however.  No matter what happens Canada will survive. 

Whether its a Conservative minority or majority, Canada will endure as one of the world's great democracies.  If a new Harper government falls and is replaced by a broader spectrum of parties representing a majority of the Canadian electorate, life will continue and Canada will still be a great place to live. 

Forget what the party leaders are saying, all of them. 

A Conservative majority would not be the end of Canada.  If the Liberals or NDP end up leading a minority parliament as the second place party, we won't be plunged into a dark black hole. 

This isn't a religious crusade, its democracy.  If the government we choose doesn't perform, we can replace them in the next election.  But no party, nor any party leader is going to destroy Canada, of that I'm certain.  Obviously our federal party leaders have big egos, it comes with the territory...but seriously guys, you aren't nearly as important as you think you are.   

Maybe that's why I'm burning out on politics, I'm over capacity in trying to absorb all the BS.  Let's hurry up and vote and get on with summer, I'm going camping.   

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