Friday, April 29, 2011

Harper majority out of reach? DON'T BET ON IT!!!

Surprise surprise, Stephen Harper's tightly controlled campaign machine has sprung a leak. The Toronto Star is reporting that senior Conservative party insiders are saying 'they're just not there' in terms of being able to garner enough seats after Monday's vote to win a majority.  STORY HERE

I usually try to refrain from using profanity, but I gotta call BS on this one. 

I will admit to a nano second or two of euphoria when I saw the headline, but that was quickly replaced by the realization that this is Stephen Harper we're talking about, a micro managing control freak.  The idea that "high ranking" sources within the CPC would break ranks and leak this kind of story...let's just say I'm more than a little suspicious.

Roughly two out of every three Canadian voters oppose and will vote against Harper according to every poll available.  That's not surprising in the least.  What is surprising is that 1 out of 3 will actually vote for Harper's Conservatives.  And it is that math that makes the possibility of a Harper majority a very real possibility, especially in light the numbers coming out of seat rich Ontario.

Don't relax, don't sit back...VOTE VOTE VOTE.  Take your friends, ask everyone you know if they've voted.

Check back soon, I just heard on the radio that Sun TV is reporting some story about Jack Layton being found naked in a bawdy house in 1996, citing a now retired Toronto police officer.  Smells like desperation, and something else too. 

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