Sunday, April 24, 2011

Layton giving Canadians against Harper something to vote FOR

I don't want to come across all feng shui and zen like, because that's not what I'm about.  But at a core level I think many frustrated progressives realize that being against Harper isn't enough, you have to be for something.  Its the whole negative energy thing...but I digress. 

I share the frustration of the majority of Canadians who are fed up with Stephen Harper. 

Fed up with the lies, the deceit, the dirty politics, the wasteful spending, the cronyism, the arrogance and the utter disdain for basic Canadian democratic values.

But what is the alternative? 

That is a fair question, given the long history of the Liberal party under the likes of Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien.  Conservatives are doing now what Liberals in this country have done for a long time, ignoring their own faults while hypocritically waving their arms about the faults of  'that other party'. 

Liberal and Conservative partisans, doesn't matter, the script is the same....

"You guys are bad"!!! 
"Oh  yeah, you guys are WAY WORSE". 

And the non-partisan Canadian electorate goes yawn.  

Into the abyss steps Jack Layton, and a significant portion of the electorate stands up and takes notice.  Removed from the sniping of the Liberals and Conservatives, voters can look at the NDP platform and find ideas worth supporting.

-Capping credit card interest rates at 5 points above prime.  With Canadian debt levels at an all time high its not hard to see why a proposal like this would find traction.

-A promise to hire more doctors at a time when so many Canadians are without a family physician.

-Reducing  taxes for small businesses to spur job creation.  Sure sounds better than giving billion dollar tax breaks to the big banks and oil companies when they're rolling in record profits.

Those are the big three from where I sit, and its not hard to understand why Canadians are suddenly warming to Jack Layton and filling up NDP rallies. 

The Liberals and Conservatives can go at each other all they want, tooth and nail...but with only about 1 week left for Tory and Grit mud slinging I'm thinking their arms must be getting tired.

And frankly, Canadians are sick of it.

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