Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sun Media - Smear trumps journalism

Okay, we all know the story by now.  Jack Layton went to a licensed massage clinic something like 15 or 16 years ago.  Yawn.

That an organization that tries to pass itself off as a source for news would even bother reporting this is one thing, but the least they could have done is some research into the matter.  But of course with an election looming in just 72 hours or so...well, journalism got tossed out the window in favour of sensationalism.  But then, this is the Sun we're talking about, and the target is NDP leader Jack Layton.

The article (which I won't deign to link because it doesn't merit it) makes numerous allegations, citing an unnamed source, that among other things the establishment in question was a "suspected" bawdy house.  For those unfamiliar bawdy houses are sometimes called "rub and tugs".

Okay, now here's where things like journalism and integrity come in.  Start digging Sun Media.  Before going to print with a story like this just before an election, check out some facts. 

Was this place ever charged with any offences relating to rubbing and tugging?  Were any "Johns" as Jack Layton is portrayed, ever charged with soliciting?

Pffffffffffffft, that would take work.  And besides with the vote so close and Jack's NDP surging in the polls, well there just wasn't time.  Will it work?  That's for Canadian voters to decide.

No wonder so many people consider the Sun a worthless rag.

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