Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey Stephen Harper - NEWS FLASH - You're a 'Tax and Spend' guy too

Can somebody do Canada a favour and buy our Prime Minister (pro-tem) a freaking clue? I'd ask Stephen to buy it himself, but he'd only borrow the money...

So Ignatieff is a 'tax and spend' Liberal...uh huh.

And what does that make you, the leader of Canada's governing Conservative party? I'll give you the answer, you're a 'tax and spend' Conservative.

Ya see Mr. Harper, I know this is pretty basic, but maybe they didn't cover it in any of your economics courses. Governments in Canada have always collected taxes, after which they spend the money. Liberal, NDP, doesn't matter. Governments take in tax revenue and then they fund (or spend it on) programs like health care, the military, politician's salaries, senators, keeping 24 Sussex (your temporary home) in good repair.

Its worked pretty well in this country, except when governments (like your's) spend too much and take in too little.

Hope that helps. Wouldn't want your economics degree being used as toilet paper.

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