Tuesday, February 22, 2011

65% of Canadians say Harper not the best choice

Stephen Harper has been Prime Minister for over five years. That's five years of legislation, five years of press conferences and interviews, five years representing Canada on the world stage. No other leader of a federal party has had a sniff of the Prime Minister's office or the chance to show Canadians how they would operate as leader of Canada's governing party.

And yet, despite the enormous advantage of having the seat of power, over 65% of Canadians say Stephen Harper is not the best person to serve as Canada's Prime Minister. (Poll Results)

Contrast these results with the approval rating of Barack Obama in the United States where almost 50% of Americans approve of the job being done by the guy in the White House. (Obama's Approval Story)

Of course with 5 federal parties in Canada the dynamics are very different. Even with two thirds of Canadians disapproving of a Prime Minister's performance, it is still possible to garner a mandate with just 35% support, maybe even a majority.

And with the left crowded with four parties (Liberal, NDP, Green and Bloc) the Conservatives do have another inherent advantage. Interestingly almost 30% of Canadians chose to remain undecided or opted for 'none of the above' when asked who would make Canada's best Prime Minister.

It will be interesting to see what the next poll numbers say as this survey was conducted before one of Harper's cabinet ministers admitted to doctoring a document to cancel funding for a multi-faith based group.

According to on-line news sources the funding would have gone toward priorities that are perhaps out of keeping with Stephen Harper's Conservative values. The funding the Harper Tories axed will "NOT" go toward:

-reducing human rights violations
-encouraging environmental sustainability
-promoting gender equality

Ah well, if you don't think Stephen Harper represents the best Canada can do for a Prime Minister, you're with a strong majority.

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