Monday, February 7, 2011

Harper leaving one helluva mess for our next PM

Stephen Harper is beginning to look a lot like that little brother or sister who comes into your room with his buds, pulls out all the games and toys for his friends to play with, then leaves it in a total state of disarray.

But hey, he sure is a popular guy...especially with his closest friends. In this case that would mean big business...think of the banks and oil companies.

Sure that 2% cut in the GST only means a penny or two here and there for us working stiffs, but to major concerns it's a huge windfall. And then there's cuts to taxes for profitable business, the companies that make money. Now we're talking billions of dollars every year.

Way to go Stevie!!!

Sure, some future government and another PM is going to have to straighten this all up. Its like what the Chretien/Martin Liberals inherited from the Mulroney and Trudeau governments. Huge debts every year and an ever increasing national debt. Thankfully Paul Martin got it under control and had Canada running in surplus for 5 consecutive years, paying off somewhere around $50 billion of the accumulated deficit during his time in finance.

Stevie has wiped all that out in just one year. But if you listen to the ads coming from the CPC, he's the one responsible for the strong balance sheet he took over from the Liberals.

He takes his friends into your room, points out what a great job he's done keeping it clean, and then he trashes it.

Real nice Stephen, but then politics isn't always nice. That's something you seem to understand better than most.

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