Friday, February 25, 2011

Harper's judge lets rapist go free, cites victim's attire as mitigating factor

For those who don't think Stephen Harper is having an effect on this country, I suggest you read today's news and look at more than the headline.

A convicted rapist is out on the streets with a two year conditional sentence because a judge appointed by the Harper government thought the victim gave out signals that 'sex was in the air' by the way she dressed.

Note to women:  In Stephen Harper's Canada I guess that means if you go out in a tube top...well, if you're sexually assaulted don't expect your attacker to be put behind bars.  Not exactly the strong Law & Order message we've been hearing about. 

What brilliant criminal lawyer did Harper and his sycophant staff foist upon Manitoba's citizens? Well, errr...according to the above linked news story, Judge Dewar doesn't have a background in criminal law. Nope, corporate and commerical litigation.  

Great choice Stephen. Oh, but I'm sure you'll find someone else to blame.

This might sell in Harper's Christian and Missionary Alliance church, I doubt many women in the CMA wear tube tops to services. But its hard to imagine the majority of women in Canada being happy with the people being chosen to sit in judgment by our current Conservative government.

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