Sunday, February 27, 2011

Donate to Cons in 2008 - Get seat on bench in 2009 - Let rapist walk in 2011

Props to Dammit Janet for linking THIS PDF which lists Judge Robert A. Dewar as a donor to the Conservative Party of Canada, citing Elections Canada as its source. 

This story is getting lots of attention.  How could it not?  An appointed judge lets a man convicted of raping a woman at the side of a road off with a suspended sentence, meaning he's free to walk the streets.  You can read about it all over the place: Macleans, CBCWinnipeg Stun just google it and you'll get plenty of hits.

What those articles fail to mention is that Dewar was appointed by Stephen Harper's Conservative government or that he donated to the CPC in 2008.  The faux 'Tough on Crime' agenda looks to be just another wedge issue in the politics of anything goes that Stephen Harper has infested this country with.

Maybe Harper and Rob Nicholson need to watch this video, without taking it seriously.

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