Sunday, February 27, 2011

More on Conservative appointed judge who let rapist walk the street...

Imagine for a moment that a judge appointed by a Liberal government decided to grant a suspended sentence to a man found guilty of rape, allowing him to freely roam the streets.

How do you suppose Stephen Harper and his Conservative minions would react?  What would the commentary be like in our increasingly conservative media? 

If your imagination is lacking, allow me to paint a picture.  Harper would be going full bore, seeking to score as many points as possible.  He'd be branding the opposition as soft on crime and telling voters this is why Canada needs a Conservative majority government, to restore law and order to our fair land. 

Of course, like on so many other issues...he'd be so full of it his eyes would be brown.

Columnists in QMI papers like the Toronto Stun would be all over it, like Toronto mayor Rob Ford on a piece of pork at rib fest.

The problem is Judge Dewar wasn't appointed by a Liberal or a NDP government, he was appointed by the Harper Conservatives.  (Government of Canada link announcing Dewar's appointment

Dean Pritchard of QMI writes about reaction to the ruling - CLICK HERE - but says nothing of the the politics behind the decision to appoint this man.  More galling is that the release makes no mention of any  experience in criminal law for Judge Dewar.  The GOC release says the focus of his practice was areas like corporate law and litigation. 

The article does make mention of an acquittal last summer by Judge Dewar in case against a man accused of repeated sexual assaults on a young girl.  The case is being appealed, and there are obvious reasons to question this judge's fitness for the bench in light of this more recent ruling.

So Mr. Harper....will you step in and remove Judge Dewar?

Yeah....I know it will make you look bad, but it seems the right thing to do.  Are you willing to spend some of the political capital you've built up?  Or are you too scared that the negative press will hurt you at the ballot box. 

Doing the right thing will bring a lot more focus to this issue than my little blog...even if it is the proper and decent thing to do.  Maybe it'd be better to hop behind another piano and warble another old song instead. 

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