Friday, February 18, 2011

Is Evangelical Chrisitanity the Trojan horse of neo-conservatism

Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Born Again...

Christians of the religious right go under a number of different labels, you've probably encountered at least a few in your neighborhoods, schools and places of work. If you've ever run into this animal then you've probably been 'witnessed' to. That is to say you've probably been told of the joy that comes from turning over your life over to Jesus. And if the conversation has turned to politics no doubt you've been told that guys like George Bush and Stephen Harper are incredible while the others such as Ignatieff, Obama and Layton are not to be trusted.

There's a reason for that, Evangelical type Christians vote overwhelmingly for Republicans in the U.S. and for Conservatives in Canada. The major difference between Canada and the United States in this regard? We don't have nearly as many up here.

But in terms of politics, what a great constituency to have voting for your party!!! Think about it...Christians of this ilk are extremely well skilled in the art of blind obedience. That's what their faith is all about. George Carlin described religion very well, it has served for generations as a means to control primitive minded people.

Black and white, right and wrong, heaven and need to think or decide anything, just sit back and listen...oh, and don't forget to tithe. That's 10% off the top by the way, before taxes not net. Of course you won't object because this is what God wants. You wouldn't want to make him mad now would you? Read the Old Testament and you'll see what God does to people who piss him off.

Some reading this may come to the conclusion that I'm not a very religious guy, but in the most important sense they would be wrong. I do actually consider myself a Christian. Does that mean I take every word in the Bible literally, and as Divine truth? No, not even close.

The human capacity to analyze, interpret and make judgement is by far more precious and God given than any words in a 2,000+ year old text.

But I digress...

In looking at the Church of Canada's Prime Minister, The Christian and Missionary Alliance, it certainly fits the Evangelical, Fundamentalist, Born Again mold in my opinion. The president of our Prime Minister's church, Franklin Pyles, has this on his bio page:

He has also worked as a church planter in urban Chicago for seven years and served as pastor of Urban University Church in Detroit.

It leads me to wonder...Is Pastor Pyles an American? I've tried researching it on-line but have thus far come up empty. I suppose I could ask him to add me as a friend on facebook and inquire directly, but then I already have too many crackbook peeps that I've never even met.

Perhaps I could prevail upon some other dogged bloggers to assist me in this research.

In looking at many of Canada's Evangelical or Fundamentalist churches a common denominator is that they are branch plants of American based faith groups.

The Evangelical Christian Church in Canada traces its roots back to 1804 in Kentucky.

I've looked at others and the story seems to be the same in a lot of cases, but in terms of searching out presidents or senior church officials I'm finding it difficult to find any information about nationalities.

If any out there in the progressive blogosphere have had similar thoughts I'd be interested in discussing it via email.

In the meantime I'll share an old article I came across while studying this possible connection, something I think is very much worth reading.

How Canada's Christian Right was built

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