Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stephen Harper tweets that a coalition government would be legitimate

Democracy is all about choices, deciding which individuals and which parties we want to represent us in government.  There has been some concern that Stephen Harper might not accept the rules of our democracy if he were to be leading a minority government that again quickly loses the confidence of the House of Commons. 

Well, based on the Prime Minister's twitter account, (#pmharper) we needn't be concerned.  The tweet made yesterday put the issue to rest.

"Canada’s Choice: Stable national majority Conservative govt OR unstable coalition of Ignatieff-NDP-Bloc"

The tweet contains a link to the Conservative Party's website and a press release that says in part:

Now, obviously Mr. Harper thinks that a Conservative majority  preferable, that's politics.  Leaders always say that their platform is better and that if their opponents win it will be bad for the country.

But the ultimate decision rests with the electorate and its gratifying to see that Stephen Harper acknowledges that it is in fact our (the voters) collective choice.  Its probably a moot point given that I think a Harper majority is what we'll be facing Monday evening.  But if the opposition parties do manage to pull a rabbit out of the hat its nice to know that Stephen Harper recognizes the rules our our democracy and will accede if Canadian voters opt for the coalition. 

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