Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Liberals still haven't figured out what went wrong...So I'll tell them

Okay Liberal Party of Canada, you obviously haven't figured out where you went off course, why Canadians snubbed you at the ballot box.  Every newspaper I pick up is filled with stories and quotes from Liberal party members and seniors within the party, all grasping at straws trying to identify the mistakes so they won't be repeated.

Of course not everything I read is wrong, you're getting close...but you're not quite there yet.  Allow me to explain it to you simply okay, that way you'll have no excuses when we go to the polls again.

So, how do you like that tone, the thinly veiled condescension? 

You don't?  Good!!!  Because then you're on your way to understanding.  Nobody likes the smug..."I know best" attitude the Liberal party has come to represent. 

Now let's talk about the private sector, where most Canadians work.  Have you ever worked at a company where the powers that be bring in someone from outside to oversee operations?  You know what that does to morale, no matter how qualified the hire is.  Usually he has to fire a few people to establish himself, let the minions know who's boss. 

Well...that's pretty much what you did with Michael Ignatieff. 

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