Sunday, May 1, 2011

Calls saying polling stations moved reeks of Conservative dirty tricks

This is reminding me of Florida back in 2000, sadly this type of behaviour has moved north to Canada along with the negative political ads and smears. 

Its being reported that some voters have been called and told that their polling stations have moved, in some cases an  hour or more away.  THIS ARTICLE talks of a Liberal candidate in Manitoba whose office has received several calls from voters asking if in fact their polling stations have changed to a new location.  Elections Canada is reported as saying that all voting locations remain as they have been, and that no changes have taken place. 

This is what happens when ideologues get involved with politics.  Unable to accept the possibility of defeat they circumvent both the law and the principles of integrity and fairness because...well, they're on a crusade.  Their candidate or party just has to win because if they don't it will cause disaster.

I know Conservatives will deny any involvement, and I actually don't think they're behind it officially, unlike the 'In and Out' campaign finance fraud.  But given the win at all costs attitude of Stephen Harper and his supporters my own opinion is that it is undoubtedly supporters of the current Prime Minister. 

Its democracy folks, if Harper wins a majority those of us who voted otherwise will just have to suck it up.  But if Harper`s candidates take less than 154 of the seats in the House, then Tories will have to accept it. 

Its called democracy.

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