Monday, May 9, 2011

Hey Liberals, forget the English French English French thing....pick the best leader

Contrary to what some think, I'm not a member of the Liberal party...So card holders take this as the opinion of an interested individual, but not from someone who's spent too much time drinking the kool-ade.

Drop the annoying habit of alternating between francophone and anglophone leaders, just pick the best one and give him or her time to grow into the job.

Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, John Turner, Jean Chr├ętien, Paul Martin, St├ęphane Dion, Michael Ignatieff....ugh.  English then French, English then French, English then French then English again.  Hell, I could go back to Blake, but who remembers him anyway. 

So now you're supposed to pick a francophone right?  Don't get me wrong, its a neat idea...provided you get the right guy, disaster when you don't. 

You picked John Turner when it should have been Jean Chretien.  Stephane Dion is very intelligent and certainly earnest, but he was a disaster during the election....I won't rub salt in the wounds over the way voters treated Ignatieff.

The Liberal party isn't dead, just wounded.  You guys weren't decimated the way the Tories were after Mulroney, forcing them to eventually merge with Bible thumping Reformers. 

Take your time, respect democracy and your constitution, and get it right this time. 

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