Sunday, May 29, 2011

Let Israelis worry about Israel, we have enough problems

Should a new Palestinian state be created, and if so where should its borders be?


There are trouble spots all over the globe, Afghanistan of course, the Congo, Sri Lanka, all over the Middle East in general and of course in Israel. 

We get plenty of news about Afghanistan and the situation in Libya given our involvement in those conflicts.  There's the odd piece about the Congo, and once in a blue moon if its a really slow news day you might see something on Tamils in Sri Lanka. 

But it all pales in comparison to when Israel makes the news, such as recently when U.S. president Obama waded in on where to start when negotiating borders with a potential new Palestinian state. 

Things that Canadians should be worrying about include the devastation of floods in Manitoba and Quebec, governments struggling to bring runaway deficits under control, a fragile economic recovery with no ammunition in reserve to fight the next recession, pending interest rate hikes that will push many over extended Canadians over the debt wall.

What land should Israel cede to a new home for Palestinians?  Its a fun academic question certainly, and a nice little diversion from issues closer to home.  But let's focus our attention of getting our own house in order instead of worrying about two parties incapable of compromise. 

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