Thursday, July 16, 2009

The New Canadian Catch Phrase - "Stephen Harper Is a Joke"

Like most Canadians, in the last election I did not vote for the Conservative candidate running in my riding. I was with the majority in rejecting a party led by a man who's politics and partisanship run counter to the way I would like to see my country run.

I believe my judgement has been vindicated, all I have to do is pick up a newspaper.

Harper embarrassed Canadians by using the world stage as a pulpit to attack a political opponent, over things that opponent never even said. The Conservative finance minister is definitely out of his weight class in fighting this recession. Jim Flaherty's deficit projections don't last a month before they're being revised upward. The Prime Minister surrounds himself with ministers like Mme Raitt, she who thinks people having cancer treatment delayed is 'sexy'. And a competent minister is hung out to dry for funding an event that the Religious Right finds offensive.

In short, Stephen Harper is a joke. And that's how I think ordinary Canadians can help bring both him and his government, down.

Harper and the Conservatives have succeeded in reducing Canadian politics to a game of branding, buzz words and catch phrases. Ignatieff is 'just in it for himself', Dion last time around was 'not worth the risk'. Well here's the buzz for the next election....


Practice it. It rolls nicely off the tongue doesn't it?

Now that we have the phrase, its time to look at putting it in the minds of voters. Do the opposition parties need to spend wads of cash on media spots to drill it into the collective conscience a la the Conservatives? Nope, we can do it in a more cost effective way than that my friends. All we need to do is scan the news when we're surfing.

You know all those stories reporting on our wonderfully inept Prime Minister? Whether its serious or mundane, weighty or fluffy. The ever increasing deficit, or Stevie missing another photo shoot. Wafergate or breaking a promise about stacking the senate.

When we find yet another on-line article or opinion piece showing Harper in a negative light, SHARE IT!!! Hit that little button or icon after the article and post it to your Facebook page, tweet it to all your twitter friends, put it up on Myspace. Use social networking like its never been used before.

And when introducing the news to your friends, family and acquaintances through all this wonderful social media....put in your own little comment. STEPHEN HARPER IS A JOKE!!!

It would be nice if Harper and his Conservative lackeys would indulge this nation's citizens in serious conversation about the issues. Sadly that's not to their liking. Tories seemingly prefer branding over brainstorming, slogans over serious debate. And with their war chest and a bevy of supporters willing to put up endless websites and such, its time for those of us who've tired of this small man to beat him at his own petty little game.

The plan is simple for the majority of Canadians who didn't vote Conservative. Read the news, then remind everyone that STEPHEN HARPER IS A JOKE!!!

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