Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Canada Day Quiz

Ahhhh Canada Day, a chance to celebrate the birth of our nation in Charlottetown's harbour some 142 years ago. Here's a little quiz to see how well you know our home and native land:
(Answers below, try not to cheat.)
  1. Canada's first Prime Minister?
  2. Canada's longest serving Prime Minister?
  3. Canada's first French Canadian Prime Minister
  4. Canada's longest serving French Canadian Prime Minister?
  5. The leader of the Northwest Rebellion?
  6. What was Ontario called at confederation?
  7. What was Quebec called at confederation?
  8. The Canadian head of state?
  9. How many provinces and territories does Canada have?
  10. Who was Prime Minister when Canada repatriated the Constitution?
So....How'd you do?

1) John A. MacDonald 2) Mackenzie King 3) Wilfred Laurier 4) Wilfred Laurier 5) Louis Riel 6) Upper Canada 7) Lower Canada 8) The Queen, (or King as the case may be 9) 10 provinces 3 territories 10) Pierre Trudeau

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