Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ignatieff displays a strong jab during sparring

Bravo to Michael Ignatieff for calling out the Conservatives, taking issue with their dirty and divisive campaign tactics.

The National Post reported on Iggy's visit to Calgary, where he was speaking to party supporters. The Liberal leader took Harper and the Tories to task over their characterization of the Bloc Quebecois as being 'soft on pedophiles'. Sadly this is the type of campaigning Harper seems to love, and its about time someone confronted this sleazy form of politicking.

Iggy struck a near perfect chord in chastising his political foes. Gone is the whining of Stephane Dion, screaming 'liars liars pants on fire'. Rather we have someone speaking in a manner befitting a statesman. Quoting directly from the article Ignatieff said:

"I will never descend to that level of attack because when we do this, we fragment our country, we divide our country. We create suspicion and fear and hurt, where there has to be healing."

The danger here, for Liberal supporters, is in affixing too great a significance to this superb showing by their new leader. While victories, no matter how small, are always welcomed...this is but a mere skirmish, with the actual war still somewhere over the horizon. Certainly the Conservatives have taken stock of Iggy's statements, and are no doubt at this moment refining their strategies. Besting Harper on the summer BBQ circuit is one thing, winning the fight at the ballot box is quite another.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Ignatieff's verbal barrage is that it shows a heretofore seldom seen tenacity. The Conservatives have won two minority mandates on the strength of their offensive game, with little evidence or need of any defence. By attempting to put the Tories on their heels Ignatieff and the other opposition parties may be able to discover a weakness.

It will be hard for the Liberals to castigate the Tories for their handling of the recession, in light of their willingness to support the government. But appearance and style do count for something, if they didn't Harper never would have bothered with that lame attempt at softening up his image.

Michael Ignatieff has taken a small step, at a time when many TVs are shut off and newspaper subscriptions are suspended. But its an important step, and one that is decidedly in the right direction. This is only pre-fight sparring right now, the real fun starts when Canadians are told we're going to the polls.

Kudos to impolitical and Musings from the political youth corner for ignoring Sarah Palin's resignation and writing about events here in Canada.

Ignatieff stampeding today
Whoever disapproves of Harper's legislation is a pedophile, porn supporter etc...

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