Thursday, July 9, 2009

CanWest reporter David Akin drags Stephen Harper out of the closet

While those of us in the progressive corner of the blogosphere were delighting in all the negative publicity heaped on the Tories for their handling of the funding of Toronto's Gay Pride week, Canwest reporter David Akin was busy publicizing all the gay and lesbian events and activities that the Harper government has provided funds for.

Its quite a list:

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives - $175,000
Vancouver Out on Screen Film and Video Society - $32,000
Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film Festival Inc - $20,000
Winnipeg Gay & Lesbian Film Society Inc - $4,000
Reelout Queer Film & Video Festival - $7,000
Queer City Cinema Inc, Regina, Saskatchewan $13,000

That's just a snapshot, there's lots more...just check out Mr. Akin's blog linked above.

So it seems Herr Harper isn't as homophobic as many of us thought. Our self styled Canadian president is actually very supportive of this nation's GLBT community, he just likes to keep it quiet...or in the closet as it were.

That's a wise move politically. Given that Stevie's base is largely populated by fundamentalist Christians and other groups identified as being socially conservative. Its going to be fun to watch the aftermath once this news gets a little more traction. The Christian Heritage Party probably welcomes these revelations. Disaffected Bible thumpers who can't bring themselves to vote Liberal, NDP or Green may just find a new home.

Its obvious Stephen Harper is more interested in pandering to the homosexual community than standing up for his evangelical Christian beliefs. Someone should check to see if his kids watched Teletubbies, or if Brokeback Mountain is in his DVD collection.

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