Sunday, July 19, 2009

Every person who doesn't vote is spitting on our soldiers' graves...

I've already expressed my opinion on the war in Afghanistan, that the U.S. led invasion is more about resources and geopolitics than democracy and human rights. But my view on the war's ultimate purpose in no way diminishes the high regard I have for our men and women in uniform. I do believe we are in Kandahar province because that region is of vital importance for a long planned gas pipeline. And while all the soldiers I have spoken with are aware of this fact, that's not the reason they're serving.

Our soldiers ARE there to improve the lives of the Afghan people. Our soldiers want to see girls attending school. They are proud to be working toward the establishment of a democratic Afghanistan.

And in doing this job on behalf of all Canadians, 125 have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Yet in this country, where we hold our democratic ideals in such high regard, nearly 10,000,000 people didn't even bother voting in our last federal election. That is a joke!!! In fact its worse than a joke, it is the ultimate in disrespect.

If our fighting men and women are willing to travel to the other side of the world to uphold the virtues of our democratic society, we citizens remaining safely behind can at least have the decency to honour their commitment by taking an hour or so out of our day to mark a ballot.

I don't care if one's leanings are right or left, libertarian or Marxist, hyper political or a-political. Canadians have a responsibility to inform themselves of the options available, and then to make a choice and exercise their franchise.

Every citizen of this country who is eligible to vote, and doesn't...they're spitting on the graves of every soldier who has died in the service of our nation's armed forces.

If you have friends, family or acquaintances who've told you that they don't vote, send them this. Cut and paste it, email it, share it, whatever...I don't care. Its disgusting that anyone should have to be shamed into exercising a right that many on this planet have died for, but if that's what it takes so be it.

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