Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make room Hamilton, Winnipeg wants back in the NHL

Back on June 21st of this year I strayed from my usual path of writing about politics and current events to chime in on the issue of Canada getting a 7th NHL franchise, taking something of an advocacy tone. I created an on-line petition calling on Canadian hockey fans to boycott NHL licensed merchandise until Hamilton (or another Canadian city) is awarded a team.

While the petition has only gotten 4 signatures so far, it looks like it might be getting some more attention. I received an email today from Craig Ferguson, a 48 year old gentleman who works in financial services. He's a self described hockey nut and the father of 4 teenagers. While he lives in the Hamilton area, he's very much enamoured with the thought of bringing NHL hockey back to 'The Peg'. So enamoured that he's started his own blog on the subject, Make It Eight, eh? Hockey again for Winnipeg!

Craig has written me that he's going to be publicizing the petition on's rants page, as well as through facebook.

So allow me to reiterate the idea behind the petition once again.

Canadians should tell Gary Bettman and the NHL board of governors that we Puck Loving Hosers will not be buying any NHL licensed merchandise until this country is awarded a 7th franchise. We'll still go to the games, we will keep watching our Hockey Night in Canada....but the money they get from all the sweaters, key chains, flags, boxer shorts and gawd knows what else...the $Loonies$ filling the NHL's merchandising coffers is going to take a hit unless they pull their collective heads out of Gary Bettman's behind and grant Hamilton (or another worthy Canadian city) a franchise.

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