Friday, August 17, 2012

Yarmulkes ha-jibs and burkas OH MY!!! Get a grip Pauline

I'm not big on religion, oh I go to church from time to time, but I'm not religious about it.  

As far as I know I don't wear anything that is even remotely symbolic of any faith.  That is unless there's a cult out there somewhere whose adherents wear socks that don't match, in which case I'm a zealot.  I honestly don't get it.  Do some people expect God or some holy representatives to come down and collect up only those wearing yellow baseball caps or whatever?

Well, it seems Pauline Marois and the Parti Québecois has an answer to this burning question.  The PQ leader is saying she'd ban the wearing of all overtly religious symbols like turbans and ha jibs in the workplace.  

This is just plain stupid with a capital S.  Pauline, c'est stupide, c'est fou en esti, c'est....Marde, that's the end of my French vocab on the subject of things idiotic.

When exactly does a scarf become a ha jib anyway?  I used to work with a young woman who matched her religious observance of wearing the head scarf with an incredible flair for fashion.  I don't give a rat's posterior if the doctor I'm seeing is wearing a yarmulke, only if he can cure whatever ails me.

And its duplicitous to say the least that the PQ is in support of hanging a crucifix in the National Assembly while at the same time appearing to pander to the xenophobic tendencies of much of its base.  

I don't think Pauline Marois is a racist, I want to be clear on that point.  If this was about banning just the burka, no problem.  The only people who should be wearing that archaic head to toe covering are those working outdoors in Val D'or, from December to March, provided its wool lined.

The PQ chef deserves kudos for her handling of Saguenay mayor Jean Tremblay's rantings about a PQ candidate in that area being from Algeria and having a name that's difficult to pronounce.  She called for a public apology from this moron and cited Benhabib's exemplary integration into Québec society.

The solution Mme Marois is simple, just admit you effed up, it happens to everyone.  If your opponents try to hammer you on the issue, apologize and move on.  Leadership is about recognizing mistakes and learning from them, Monsieur Charest has certainly made his share.

But if you do get elected and proceed with this incredibly stupid idea, please exclude unmatched socks.  


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