Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thanks for the good times Dalton - Now Piss off!!!

Its hard not to think of Ontario teachers as a bunch of gold diggers, with Dalton McGuinty as a sugar daddy fallen on hard times.

The teachers unions used to love the self styled education premier.  And why not?  He doted, and spent oodles on them. Jobs were protected in the face of declining enrollment by reducing class sizes and bringing in all day kindergarten.  Kaching Kaching, Dalton had the money and he was willing to spend it.  Wage increases, job security, keeping the plan that allows sick days to be banked for a windfall at retirement.

But then Dalton fell hard times, his government facing a $15 billion dollar shortfall.

"I know you're used to the Lexus dear, but the KIA is nice".  Predictably perhaps, teachers want the Lexus.

I'm not without sympathy for teachers, far from it, I know too many.  Both my siblings teach high school in the GTA as well as a brother in law, and my best friend teaches elementary north of the city.  There are a lot of good teachers out there, individuals who dedicate themselves to the profession and who work long hours during the school year and during the summer at improving their qualifications.

Reality as they say, sucks sometimes.

If Dalton was thinking he could bank on the good will he built up over his government's past generosity...yeah right.  To be fair pretty much everyone suffers from a sense of entitlement, teachers included.  When you've built your lifestyle and plans around certain financial expectations it can be hard to make adjustments.

The McGuinty government certainly is going to have to adjust, no longer will the Ontario Liberals have the rock solid support of those in the teaching profession.  

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