Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Legault's CAQ party filling Separatist sails

Quebec Liberal party supporters could be excused for perhaps thinking that the idea for the creation of François Legault's CAQ party was to split the federalist vote.  After all the new political entity was created by an old Pauline Marois' cabinet colleague and separatist firebrand.

Thanks to Legault's easy answers campaign lots of traditional Liberal support is moving the CAQ's way.  And while voters may like the platform, its not like the CAQ has any hope of being elected.  At best Legault can hope to hold the balance of power in a minority PQ led National Assembly.

All those promises of one thousand new family doctors and major cuts to Quebec Hydro will never come to fruition.  Students and teachers worrying about going to war over proposed changes to education, with hours extended to 5 PM....you can relax.  Those are just populist ideas designed to woo older voters and they have no chance of ever needing to be acted upon.

That's not to suggest that the CAQ hasn't been an integral player in this election, far from it.  Unless you're ready to totally dismiss the current polling, as Jean Charest seems willing to do, then Quebec is going to elect the Separatist PQ with either a minority or a majority.  

Personally I think the chances of a majority are better than 50/50 as things stand now.  Its being suggested that the Liberal leader can't even count on winning his own seat.  If the PQ does form a majority the rest of Canada can get ready for a whole new round of Federalist - Nationalist battles, and a hit to investor confidence to boot.

Too bad Monsieur Legault abandoned the cause, the old François would have loved the thought of a reborn majority mandate for the separatist PQ, but then maybe.....Nah, no conspiracy theories today.

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