Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marois contre Legault face à face...For all the marbles?

With the Liberals seemingly bleeding, Jean Charest is reported to be trailing badly in his own riding, the debate between Pauline Marois and François Legault takes on even greater significance.  It seems quite possible that the winner might be able to find that elusive traction to carry him or her to power on September four.

The battle lines were drawn early, Legault presenting Mme Marois as the Queen of the Status Quo, while Mme Marois painted a picture of the CAQ leader picking fights with almost every sector in his efforts to clean up government.  

Sadly at about the half way point in the debate I lost the stream from the's website, thus this will be a short and....half assed commentary.

I thought the PQ leader was performing better than Monsieur Legault, she was far more composed with her former colleague than she seemed with Jean Charest. That's not to say there wasn't acrimony, there was example being Legault's decision to leave government and the reasons.  But overall the tone was not nearly as heated as the two previous debates.

I should note however, that while I thought Mme Marois was out dueling M. Legault, the on-line voting taking place on the website had the CAQ leader far ahead with over 60% saying his was the better performance.

The debate is still going on, however my live stream is still not working.  I will post this now and add to it later if I'm able to continue watching.

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