Wednesday, August 15, 2012

After the fourth call Rogers fixes the problem....

Last week I wrote about how my cell phone was being inundated with blank text messages from the same London area cell number. After three calls to customer support I thought a better name would be Rogers Customer rape.  I was told that to block messages from a specific number that I would have to pay an additional $5.00 per month for a call management subscription.

I refused and found I could at least temporarily stop the messages by dialing the 519 number and, I guess, otherwise engage that phone.  But then a new number, this time in the 613 area code, started doing the same thing...blank message after blank message.

So I took a deep breath, and called Rogers again.

This time I was speaking to Theresa, (she gave me permission to use her name) in Ottawa.  And she was able to fix the problem, in fact any one of the previous CSRs with whom I spoke should have been able to as well.  I simply had to log onto 'my account' from the phone itself and choose the 'extreme texting' option at which point I was able to register the two offending numbers and lo and behold, no more annoying blank texts.

I lambasted Rogers in my last post, so to be fair I should express my gratitude.  I won't go that far however, not with Rogers the company.  Theresa on the other hand was outstanding, extremely professional and even credited my account with 50 free long distance minutes over the next couple of months as her way of apologising for my earlier troubles.

I probably won't be renewing my contract with Rogers when it comes due.  But the only reason the possibility has been upgraded from never to remote is because of this one CSR.  

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