Thursday, March 8, 2012

Tories to social conservatives...thanks for the votes, now bugger off!!!

Members of Canada's socially conservative religious right fraternity must be looking on the Harper government like the insurance salesman who attends church to drum up business.  I mean sure he's on the membership role and tosses his cheque in the plate every week.  But is he a true believer or just there to network?

From where I sit the issues of importance to social  conservatives are as follows:

  • A return of the death penalty
  • Abortion back in the criminal code
  • Ending the legal status of same-sex marriage
I'll state my opinions and bias up front as I often do.  I'm opposed to the death penalty in all cases.  While I consider myself ardently Pro-Choice, I would not be averse to some limitations being placed on late term procedures provided access would never be  impeded in cases of maternal health.  And as for same-sex marriage, I really don't give a rip, keep it legal or ban doesn't matter to me one way or another.

I'm not looking to argue any of these points, just giving you my opinion.  Ain't democracy grand?

I wonder though if some in the evangelical crowd are beginning to feel like they've been taken.  It must be like taking a whole life insurance package from that nice 'Christian' sitting in the pews every Sunday only to find out he's been trolling down Church St. in Toronto and availing himself of bath houses.

 Scannning So-Con blogs it seems our PM could be losing the flock.


Big Blue Wave

The Conservatives have a five year mandate, plenty of time to toss a core constituency a bone or two.  Otherwise principalled MPs might decide to leave and set up their own party.  Its happened before.


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