Friday, March 9, 2012

Americans can win back world respect by electing Ron Paul

I spent a bit of time growing up in the United States.  I attended kindergarten and grades one to three and a bit of four in NJ and all of grade six near Portland Oregon.  It is probably for that reason that I have enormous respect for our southern neighbours.  With that being said I have seen the U.S. in decline for generations now. 

Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama...Republicans and democrats, it doesn't matter, the slide continues. 

I wasn't born into the information age, but I've come of age during it.  I've watched journalism turn into hackery as media convergence has led to corporate ownership of almost all our media outlets.  Its not a healthy situation, in democracies like Canada and the U.S. news and information represents power and gives those owning it tremendous control.

When the United States was founded the press was free, and the marketplace of  ideas was open for business.  Such is not the case now.  We have media giants making donations to political organizations.  Does this sound 'fair and balanced' to you?

To those perhaps rolling their eyes and thinking, 'oh great, another conspiracy', don't be naive.  You would have to be incredibly naive to think that rich, powerful and influential individuals and organizations wouldn't use their wealth, power and influence to affect the results of things like elections.

You get what and who you pay for.  And as things stand right now, Ron Paul doesn't look like he's on the payroll.  And why would he be?

He advocates a return to a little thing called the U.S. constitution.  That would mean that declaring war on another nation would require an act of Congress.   Instead of just one man saying, "let's go" there could be actual debate.  War though is big business, the arms industry is massive.  If you're a company that makes billions from what Eisenhower called the military industrial complex, are you going to give a guy like Ron Paul a bigger platform to cut your profits? 

He's also for auditing and ending the Federal Reserve system.  How do you think the owners of the Fed feel about that?  Anyone who thinks the Fed is a government institution and not a privately held entity needs to do some research.  Just don't expect to see any in depth reporting on Fox News.

The United States became a beacon to the world by enshrining individual rights and freedoms.  When you hear the word liberty its hard not to think of the U.S.  But that liberty has been eroded by the badly named Patriot Act, and is still under attack with initiatives like SOPA.  Canadians should know a bit about this with the Harper government's invasive, police state style Internet legislation.

The mainstream media presents Dr. Ron Paul as something of a kook, it serves their purpose.  But younger people who are no longer tethered to MSM news are catching on.  Check out the videos they're putting out and listen to the message.  Liberty, individual rights and freedoms, a return to the constitution.  America threw off its colonial masters some 200 plus years ago in dreams of attaining freedom and liberty, its a never ending battle.  And to get back what they once had they'll have to throw off their corporate masters as well. 

Global multi-nationals don't care about the great unwashed, just a bigger and bigger bottom line.  And when their excess and poor management threatens to sink them, our elected officials toss them billions, stolen from people who can least afford it.  Corporate America isn't American, Corporate Canada isn't Canadian, they're global and they'll go wherever and wherever they can get the best return.

It wasn't always this way, and it doesn't have to stay this way.

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