Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brad Trost says Harper is not Pro-Life and chastises the PMO

I just finished reading a Macleans interview with Conservative backbench MP Brad Trost. 

For those, like me, who've seen his name in the press about the issue of abortion, and formed the opinion that he is a one string banjo plucking the Pro-Life chord over and over...I strongly suggest giving it a read.  I think you'll find the interview engaging and perhaps find at least a modicum of respect for the Saskatchewan MP.  I did, and more than a modicum. 

On the issue of abortion he laments the fact that Canada is the only industrialized nation in the world with no laws whatsover relating to the termination of pregnancy.  He points to Sweeden and France as two examples, countries probably more liberal minded than Canada, yet they have legislation and we don't. 

Now, for those who like the status quo, and who have been fearful that the so called 'secret agenda' might include re-introduction of abortion to the criminal code, take a big relaxing sigh.  According to Mr. Trost, and I'll quote directly from the interview here, he says of the PM:

In all of his runs for leadership, or I even believe going back as a Reform MP, he’s never been pro-life.

He's not critical of the PM's opinion, in fact he speaks very respectfully of Mr. Harper, saying the Prime Minsiter is basically 'sticking with what he says'. 

Mr. Trost does however have some not so kind words for the Prime Minister's Office, again quoting from the interview:

It’s very hard to communicate with them. And they may not like it if you print that in there, but frankly, they need to have someone who can actually communicate with Members of Parliament and they don’t.

I think Brad should read the text of a 1997 speech Harper gave to the Council for National Policy, a Washington based neo-con think tank.  In that speech our current PM compared our house of commons to the U.S. electoral college, except that ours continues sitting whereas in the U.S. the college disappears after an election. 

You can read the full article at Macleans site HERE.

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