Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Higher temps, higher gas prices...$1.40+ in Québec City

Ahhh what a nice warm spring, and it finally caught up to the micro-climate that is Québec city, or as the signs here proclaim it...the capital of "la nation". 

Oh there's still snow here, lots of it.  But with the mercury rising to somewhere around 17 degrees Celsius today, it won't be around much longer.  The rivers are swelling, buds will soon be sprouting, and it won't be long I'm sure before I see my first robin.

And of course there's another sure sign that spring is upon us with summer close at hand...gas prices shooting up.  Yep, from around $132.9 to over $1.40 in my 'petit coin'.   That's about $5.00 more to fill up my little four cylinder car, much more for you SUV gas guzzlers out there.

I sure hope our government can do something to help the oil and gas companies out, obviously they're hurting pretty bad if they need to jack prices this high.  Maybe some tax cuts and breaks on royalties or something?

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