Monday, March 19, 2012

Enough with the attack ads already, we get it....

Okay, okay...Canadians from coast to coast to coast should finally understand by now.  There is one, and only one person who is fit to serve as this nation's Prime Minister.  That person is Stephen Harper, message received.

Stephane Dion wasn't worth the risk, Michael Ignatieff was only in it for himself, and now Bob Rae ran up big deficits in Ontario.  Stevie is perfect!!!   There's no risk with the Harper government, our PM is in it for us, and we won't have deficits...well not big ones, uhm...well not for long.

Jesus Christ himself could take over the leadership of the Liberals and ads about His socialistic tendencies would be out within a week I bet.

If you missed it, from CTV's website: 

Conservative ads slam Rae as 'failure,' praise Harper

Really???  What a surprise.  Welcome to Canada, election mode 24/7. 

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