Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Trudeau has the Conservative base worried

I've been reading a lot of the news on Justin Trudeau's 'non-news' announcement that's he's running for the leadership of the Liberal party.  Obviously everyone already knew, I blogged about it on August 30th...and if I knew then everyone not living in a cave knew.

Say whatever you want about Canada's Johnny Depp look-a-like, but there's no questioning that he's grabbing people's attention. According to my google news feed there are over 400 articles available on the aspiring Prime Minister, and that's just in the last 48 hours.

More interesting than the articles though is the comments these stories are generating, and from Conservatives the reaction is very telling.   Bottom line, they're worried.   

A common theme emerges in these comments. Characterizing young Mr. Trudeau as a political lightweight with a thin resumé, a pretty boy riding on his daddy's coat tails.  That's fair commentary certainly.   Were his last name anything but Trudeau the chances of him running would be slim and none, and winning his party's leadership would be all but impossible.  

After that though the comments take an uglier turn.  Anger over past Liberal programs like official bilingualism and multiculturalism for starters.  I've seen the word 'ecotard' used a few times, which suggests some Conservative diehards think that anyone who's concerned with protecting the environment must be mentally challenged.  The Conservative/Refrom base is really showing its true colours.  

Such venom indicates a real and palpable fear among grassroots Tory supporters.

If westerners celebrating Halloween really want to frighten the neighbours, send the kids out in Justin Trudeau costumes.  Nah, that might be a bad idea, they might get injured.  

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