Sunday, October 7, 2012

Some YouTube movie recommendations

I still don't have cable or satellite at my residence, so the internet remains the chief source of entertainment.  Thanks to the resident love goddess however we now have a modern flat screen thingie. LCD or LED, or is it LSD?  No wait, that's acid, never mind.

Anyway,whatever it is, there's a cable that hooks up to the computer which allows us to watch these movies on the semi-big screen.  

I've already shared some good old TV shows like WKRP in Cincinatti that are availabe on YouTube, now I will share a few classic and awesome movies.

I realize that there are many "youngins" out there who think there's no such thing as a good movie made in a year starting with 19.  I of course will beg to differ, in fact four out of five of the movies I'm going to recommend pre-date my existence on the planet.  

I'm not going to embed them the way I usually do, or provide a hyperlink.  Instead I will just provide the URL and you can cut and paste it.   The reason is because I find a lot of good movies seem to get removed, probably because they were uploaded without permission.  Oh, if you don't know how to cut and paste the URL then you're even more of a Luddite than I am, and you have no business even using a computer.  So turn it off now.

The Great Escape :

This movie is an absolute classic, about WWII prisoners escaping from a POW camp.  Based on a true story, the plan was to blitz 250 prisoners out in one night.

West Side Story:

If you are a fan of musicals then this one is for you.  The language is dated certainly  "Daddy-O" and I doubt anyone ever used the word "buggin", as in....'we own the entire buggin' street'.  Its Romeo and Juliet meet NYC street gangs, with the Jets and Sharks taking the place of the Montagues and Capulets.  

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner:

Interracial marriages are nothing unusual now, my wife is originally from Sri Lanka.  But back in the 60s at the height of the civil rights movement, well things were different.  This awesome movie stars one of my favourite actors, Spencer Tracy.  Of course with Sideny Pottier and Katherine Hepburn in it as well, there's no shortage of star power.

Twelve Angry Men:

Starring Henry Fonda this is the film adaptation of a great play that has twelve men arguing in the jury room over the guilt or innoncence of a young man charged with the murder of his father.  I love Henry Fonda's voice and demeanor, that calm but serious tone he effected so well.


All four of those movies can be viewed in their entirity without interruption.  I will suggest one more that has to be viewed in 11 installments.  That's maybe not a bad thing as it breaks things up if you need a bathroom or snack break.


Peter O'Toole is a brilliant scientist dedicated to cloning, or as they refer to it in the movie "growing" his dead wife.  Muriel Hemmingway is awesome as is M*A*S*H star David Odgen Stiers better known as Charles.  

If you have some time over the Thanksgiving holiday, hook up the TV to your computer and enjoy some great classics before they get removed. 

If you know of some others I'd love to hear about them, you can leave a comment or send me an email.

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