Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spoiled Ontario teachers don't like the taste of their own medicine

I had some sympathy for Ontario's teachers, after all I have two siblings and a best friend all employed in that profession in Canada's most populous province.

Note, I said 'had' and not have.  My sympathy is gone because of what the Ontario Teachers Pension fund did to Cadillac Fairview workers a few years back.

The fund, commonly known as 'Teachers', wholly owns Cadillac Fairview Corporation.  But when CF was locking out and then terminating unionized employees back in 2009 nothing was said.

Ontario teachers are moaning and looking for public support right now because of the manner in which they're being treated by the McGuinty government.  

Suck it up whiners, you weren't there when a company your pension owns was locking out and then terminating skilled union workers, including those on sick leave and permanent disability.  

I've done my homework, here are the references, first from Cadillac Fairview's own web site:

That's right purchased back in 1999, you can look that one up yourselves seeing as you have the time after cancelling everything from clubs to sports that make education enjoyable for many students...remember them.

Bottom line, Ontario teachers should be ashamed.


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